Arts impresario John Bernhard launches ArtHouston magazine to fill void in Houston’s thriving arts scene

Houston, Texas - September 21, 2015

Houston has a new magazine devoted to covering the city’s thriving cultural scene. The first issue of ArtHouston has been published by John Bernhard, who has been heavily involved in Houston’s arts scene for more than 30 years as a fine art photographer, graphic designer and writer.

As a semiannual, or twice-a-year, publication, ArtHouston is a media partner of the Texas Contemporary Art Fair, which takes place Oct. 1-4 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston.

Complimentary copies of the inaugural issue of ArtHouston will be distributed at the fair, and free copies of the magazine will also be available at select art institutions, art galleries, bookstores and other outlets throughout the city. The issue can also be viewed online at

The 84-page launch issue of ArtHouston has a circulation of 10,000. The publisher is Arthouston Magazine, LLC.

Editorially, the magazine aims to be a springboard for artists, curators, writers and patrons, according to Bernhard. Original essays by artists, critics and professional writers will pair with original artworks in a thoughtful way, he said.

“Our goal is to take our readers closer to all forms of fine art in an accessible and engaging way, as art lies in the encounter and in the experience,” Bernhard said.

The inaugural issue includes a profile of longtime Houston gallerist Hiram Butler, a feature on psychedelic art created by Google’s computers, a story on the Mark Rothko retrospective at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, an essay titled “Defining Art,” and six months of listings from visual and performing arts groups in Houston.

The magazine also includes advertising, which Bernhard hopes to grow as a way to sustain the publication.

“Everyone included in this issue is an innovator and a creative risk-taker, as evidenced by their strong support of a new, ambitious publication,” Bernhard said in his publisher’s statement. “We are thankful to all our advertisers and sponsors, who have placed their trust in our venture. We are passionate about the pure potentiality of our magazine and its future growth, and embrace this exciting challenge with commitment, as we strive to be the voice of our vibrant art community.”

Bernhard said the new magazine fills a void in Houston, which has a vibrant arts scene but which lacks a magazine devoted to the arts.

“Houston has a thriving art scene, with professional resident companies and five recognized Art Districts,” he said. “Our Museum District ranks as the country’s fourth largest, with eighteen cultural powerhouses within blocks of one another. According to Houston Arts Alliance, Houston has more than 500 art organizations and 12,000 visual and performing artists in the region. We plan to cover and celebrate all of this amazing creative activity at ArtHouston magazine.”

The second issue of ArtHouston is already in the works and is planned to be released in February 2016.

A native of Switzerland, Bernhard came to Houston in 1980. He is the author of nine books, and his art and photography have been featured in 30 solo exhibits in Texas and throughout the world.

Publishing magazines has been work Bernhard has done before. He published EuroAccess, a nationwide business magazine in the 1990s and Polo Magazine for the Houston Polo Club for 10 years.